The best way to select the retirement strategy the is optimal for you is by comparing your options. There are many retirement Income Strategies being advertised, and you should be able to analyze how your assets would fare with each strategy.

Whether you have a current strategy recommended by an advisor, or you’re interested in a product such as an annuity, you can transparently evaluate for yourself different products and approaches to generating retirement income with Income StrategyTM. You can also see, given a range of market conditions and tax scenarios, how much income your assets will generate and how long that income can be reasonably expected to last.

A number of factors can impact the strategy most appropriate for you including:

How much income you create

Where you take the money from to generate the income across your resources

The products and vehicles you use to construct your withdrawal strategy (i.e., securities, annuities, Roth, IRA, etc.)

Trade-offs such as assuming more portfolio risk, part-time employment, or lowering expenses

Your life expectancy

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Which option is a better path for you?

The retirement income path you should ultimately choose depends on a number of factors including your retirement priorities, your health and your life expectancy.

For Option 1, a person in their mid-60s and in good health, would have a 50% chance of outliving their resources. With the more conservative spending level in Option 2, this portfolio is projected to last 30 years, which provides reasonable assurance that this person will not outlive your resources. We can help you visualize these tradeoffs.

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