What is a Model Portfolio?

Managing a portfolio is complicated. There are thousands and thousands of investments to choose from. How can you know where to invest your savings? One way of simplifying the options available is to utilize model portfolios. A model portfolio is a diversified grouping of investments that provide an anticipated return with a corresponding amount of risk. Model portfolios use a variety of assets like large and small stocks from companies inside and outside the United States, bonds, cash, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). You can choose a model portfolio based on which one fits your own goals and risk tolerance.

Income Strategy™ allows you the option to use model portfolios created by our own experts or ones similar to Vanguard’s model portfolios. Each one carefully considers the underlying investments’ objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. A model portfolio will provide you with a combination of managed investments which are professionally researched and which use the process of blending various asset classes, investment managers and investment styles for diversification.


Let Us Help

Our full service registered investment advisory firm is available to help with your Model Portfolio choices. For a nominal fee, we can answer your questions and help you decide what’s most suitable for your situation and risk tolerance.