You’re ready to reap the rewards of your retirement, but you can use a little help.

We are specialists – We are solely focused on helping retirees navigate the complexities of generating income in retirement. Our strategies are backed by years of research so we can give you the specific answers of how and when to tap your retirement savings.

We get you more – We make your money last longer because we know how to mitigate the risk of unnecessary taxes, penalties and surcharges. Your retirement savings can last up to 10 years longer with a smart income strategy.

We don’t push investment products – We are not selling expensive annuities or high risk bonds to generate income. You can keep the same investments in the same location they are now, but we will work with you to create a strategy for tapping them wisely over time.

Retirement Income Experts

Income Strategy was developed by the leading experts in retirement planning. Their sole focus has been the research and development of tools to help individuals over the age of 50.

The firm is a pioneer in the development of software to model tax-efficient withdrawal strategies and related methodology on how to drawdown on retirement savings to generate income.

Innovation – a track record of developing tools and education to help millions of retirees make better decisions. The firm’s research and methodology are referenced and used across the industry by financial advisors and by large financial services firms.

Coordination of details – the technology focuses on the interplay of detailed decisions that make retirement planning challenging. Finding an optimal Social Security claiming strategy is complex and impacts how you should tap savings. Which investments are liquidated impacts Medicare premiums, Social Security and federal taxes. Analysis considers the impact on multiple variables for each individual so they can see the overall outcome of decisions over time.

Authority – other retirement specialists reference our research and findings. Our founders are quoted extensively in the media and are featured speakers on retirement topics.

Backed by Research – our technology and guidance are backed by robust and vetted research. We wrote the details and published our innovative findings the leading academic journals like the Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Analyst Journal and Journal of Retirement Income.

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